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Communication Channels

Communication channels act as a point of interaction between the user and the project and can use different types of user interfaces. Currently, two communication channels are being used in the project: a call center and a mobile application.

Call Centre#

The call center is executed independently of the mobile application and uses Twilio as a communication provider. The connections between the engine and Twilio are made through Twilio Markup Language (TwiML).

Docusaurus with Keytar

Mobile Application#

The mobile application is still under development and will allow a better user experience when testing the different use cases and biometric suppliers.

The application provides operators with a showcase environment to experience the use cases for different types of biometrics. This way we can concentrate different approaches using one communication channel. It allows to provide a good user experience when the operators need to decide about what is the best type os biometric and the best solution available in the market. This is possible since the B4ll can connect to diffeerent suppliers, allowing a comparison between solutions and algorithms availables.

The following figure shows a generic use case about how the application will work. Users access the app and select the parameters for the demo, such as: biometric type, biometric supplier and use case. The application connects with our engine, or if necessary with another communication channel, allowing request and response calls through an API gateway.

Docusaurus with Keytar

Our main objective is to demonstrate the potential of biometrics in emerging markets in order to provide financial inclusion. Because of this, the target operating systems in this first moment are Android, Android Go and iOS. Also, whenever possible, the feature phones are being considered.