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B4LL Application - Setup & Registration

Download & launch#

  1. Download the B4LL app on your mobile device, from either the iOS app store or the Google play store
  2. On launch the application will briefly display the splash screen
  3. You will be shown the features of the app in a slider format
  4. You can carouse through the features by clicking “Next” or click on “Skip” to register to the application.
Splash ScreenSplash Screen2



To ensure your data privacy, do not exit the application during the registration process. If you exit the application during the registration process, you will receive a toast message “Enrollment is cancelled by user”

  1. You will be displayed with the registration screen where you will need to enter your phone number
    • You can select your country code from the dropdown. You can also key in your country name to fetch the country code.
    • The mobile number entered needs to be 8 to 10 characters long. If the entered number is less than 8 characters or more than 10 characters, the application will provide a validation error in the form of a toast message “Please enter a valid 8 to 10 digit mobile number”
    • You will need to click on the continue button to proceed
    • You will be shown an option to enter your Nickname
    • You will need to accept the application’s terms and conditions
Registration Screen1Registration Screen2Registration Screen3
  1. Click “Continue” to proceed with the registration process.
  2. You will be displayed with the available biometric options to register. Choose any one biometric option to register.
Registration Screen4Registration Screen5

Note: It is preferable not to use earphones while registering for voice recognition

1. Select Voice recognition and click Continue to proceed.

2. You will be displayed with a list of passphrases to choose from.

3. You can select any one passphrase and click Continue to enroll yourself (you will have to allow the application to access the device’s microphone).

Voice Screen1Voice Screen2Voice Screen3

5. After the permission is granted, you will be met with a voice recording screen which automatically records your voice. You will have 5 seconds to recite the passphrase.

6. Recite the selected passphrase which will be displayed on the screen. Each passphrase will be validated and a success/failure message will be displayed.

7. Repeat the process three times for enrollment to voice authentication biometric option. If any enrollment is unsuccessful, the application will prompt to repeat again.

8. The application will display the statement “All enrollments successful” when all three enrollments are successfully completed.

Voice Screen4Voice Screen5

Note: If you deny any hardware permission twice, the application will not request the same and you will have to go to the application settings and provide the required permissions.